My goal is to work in a video game development studio as a 3D generalist (focusing on env and tech art).

Simon Aublet
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Speciality - 3D environment / Tech art
Looking for A job - any opportunities

Mail - simon(.)aublet(@)gmail(.)com
Phone - 06 44 80 90 84 -
Killer feature
- Efficient modeling techniques such as high-poly baking and sculpting for low-poly, wireframe optimisation and solid materials knowledge.

- Attentive of game engines and levels editors such as UDK, Cryengine 3, Unity, Source Engine.

- Developed sense for art, lighting and composition.

- Good understanding of production chain in a video game.

Work Experience
January 2013 / present - 3d modeler GamyoStudio. Remote work. Lyon (France).
/// Unity mobile games : Environment, character, UI designer, fx, etc...

July / September 2012 - Trainee 3D environment artist at Eden Games. Lyon (France).
/// Environment, UI designer.

Febuary / May 2012 - School project at Gamagora on "Shadow Diver" using UDK. Lyon (France).
/// 3d modeler, character artist, environment artist, UI designer, graphic designer.

October /November 2011 - School project at Gamagora on a flash art game called "Petit Monde". Lyon (France).
/// Flash, vector illustrations and animations.

June / July 2011 - 4 weeks fixed-term contract in web agency lejourselève. Rouen (France).
/// Webdesign, graphic design, logotype, identity.

Febuary / June 2011 - 16 weeks Internship in web agency lejourselève. Rouen (France).
/// Webdesign, graphic design, logotype, identity.

2009 / 2011 - "BulletCrops" Modding project based on Valve's game Team Fortress 2.
/// 3d modeler, environment artist.

July / August 2009 - 8 weeks Internship in web agency Human To Computer. Rouen (France).
/// Webdesign, graphic design, logotype, identity.
2012 - Gamagora 3D graphics.
/// Gamagora Univertity of Lyon. Lyon (France).

2011 - Bachelor's Degree in multimedia studies.
/// IUT University of Rouen. Rouen (France).

2008 / 2010 - 2 years Degree diploma in Visual Communication.
/// Technical high school Jeanne d'Arc. Rouen (France).

2007 - Upgrade in decorative arts.
/// Technical high school Pierre Simon de la Laplace. Caen (France).

Adobe Creativ Suite 5
/// Digital illustration , vector, traditional drawing, webdesign, UI.

Maya, Modo, 3dsmax, Zbrush, 3Dcoat, Ndo2, Xnormal
/// Modeling high/low poly, retopology, UV, baking, texturing, rigging, skinning, animation.

Levels Editors
/// UDK, SourceSDK, Unity, Cry Engine 3, ChromeEd.