Warhammer 40k hobby – Miniatures painting, my Workstation

septembre 21st, 2016 at 11:26

Here is my workstation and some shot of all second hand miniatures I bought and plan to paint. Most are only primed or unpainted, some aren’t even mounted and a good part needs to be stripped.  Have something like 3 Dark Vengeance, 2 megaboss Ghazghkul, a lot of space marines and orks, a decent amount of Chaos troops, 2 hellbrutes, 3 Dreadnought, 2 tanks, a big trukk, etc… Potato quality incoming.

I’m using some GW paints with vallejo game and air set that i use with my airbrush.

40k_photoshoot_1_x 40k_photoshoot_1_22 40k_photoshoot_1_21 40k_photoshoot_1_20 40k_photoshoot_1_19 40k_photoshoot_1_18 40k_photoshoot_1_17 40k_photoshoot_1_16 40k_photoshoot_1_15 40k_photoshoot_1_14 40k_photoshoot_1_13 40k_photoshoot_1_12 40k_photoshoot_1_11 40k_photoshoot_1_10

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