LDLC – hoverboard contest

novembre 5th, 2015 at 10:29

Hi, long time no post, hopefully I’m coming with some different stuff : it’s a contest entry for a challenge that could make me win a Wacom tablet. I’ve put a lot of heart and time into this render / modeling and I hope i’ll win the big prize !!! :p

Theme was « draw me a LDC hoverboard » , a IT  selling company whose facebook community manager decided to go big for the « Back To The Future » mythic 21 october 2015 date.

Click for fullsize 1920×1080.


Here is a progress shot i took during my maya IBL render learning process (ahah, i sound like a pro but i have no idea what i’m doing) :


The character is based on a real toy that can be found here .

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